Technical Market Development Manager (Soft Magnetic Materials)

  • Europe
  • Full Time, Direct Employee

Our client is the world’s leading producer of Niobium, a chemical element/mineral resource that primarily improves the strength of steel and has many different applications. The nature of their business involves the extraction, processing, manufacturing, and marketing of this chemical element, developing and providing technology for each application and final product. The task is to add value to the supply chain where the element is used. This element is widely used in structures for buildings, bridges and façades, structures of automotive bodies and in superconducting magnets of MRI scanners and hot parts of aeronautic engines, to name but a few examples. They work closely with a variety of industries involved in steel production, welding, nuclear, and electronics, and dedicate their special attention to their customers, wherever they may be globally.

Due to expansion, they are seeking a Technical Market Development Manager (Soft Magnetic Materials) – Europe to be responsible for acting in the field of soft magnetic materials, especially ribbons, developing the company’s network in power component designers and producers, and, increasing nanocrystalline awareness and applications. In addition, the role will help to bridge the gap between nanocrystalline ribbon, core and component manufacturers and users, promoting showcases, proof of concepts and proof of values.



  • Act in the field of soft magnetic materials, providing technical assistance in developing and disseminating applications for Nb in this segment with the aim to increase Nb market.
  • Have strong interaction with market needs and trends, helping to translate and execute the company’s short and long-term strategic needs into technical actions that achieve these goals.


  • Provide technical assistance for direct customers in the manufacture of ribbon and in the production process of components.
  • Understand the different aspects of designing electronic components and identify what would be the value proposition needed for each one of the different applications.
  • Dissemination of the use of niobium through meetings and technical presentations at direct clients, end users, being able to show the benefits and connect players in the supply chain.
  • Prospect, plan, implement and coordinate projects that seek the improvement or development of new processes, products, applications, and technologies related to soft magnetic materials and Nb application. This comprises project management activities, such as budget follow-up, contract negotiation, follow-up of deliverables, evaluation of target achievements, among others.
  • Development of competitive analysis together with the business intelligence department.
  • Support understanding of database analysis (sales, competition, and market size).
  • Close contact with the marketing team to select and promote projects and advertisement materials (show cases).
  • Together with marketing give support in events like workshops and conferences.


  • Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Materials Science engineer, Metallurgical engineer, Power Electronics materials specialist in ceramic and metallic components, power component designer.
  • Technical knowledge in magnetic materials and their application in power electronics.
  • Preferably someone who has experience in the production process of different soft magnetic materials, especially ribbons (amorphous or nanocrystalline) and the production of cores and components made of ribbons.
  • Preferably someone who has experience in market development of electronic components, in their applications, design and has knowledge about the component supply chain.
  • Preferably has experience with project management.
  • Knowledge of the market dynamics and application development is highly desirable.
  • Be able to work in a team and be keen in explaining or translating to non-technical/specialists’ members technical points that are essential to the understanding of the strategy, the execution of the action plan and the definition of next steps.
  • Desirable: Someone who has more than 10 years’ experience in the market development (sales department of power electronic companies) or technical assistance in power electronics/ Switch mode power supplies/passive components (transformers, Capacitors, Inductors).
  • Good networking with Tier -1 and power electronic component designers and/or manufacturers.
  • Someone who has had previous experience working with Nano and other magnetic materials.
  • Important to have good communication (English) and networking skills, be able to work in a team, be proactive, be flexible to change in accordance with the changes in priorities that might happen along the way, self-motivated.


  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to develop working relationships with people from different backgrounds (customers, salespeople, production shop operators, industry leaders)
  • Good communication skills
  • Proactive
  • Excellent adaptation skills
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